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Caitlyn Jenner Was Almost Outed in 1985

Caitlyn Jenner Was Almost Outed in 1985
Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair
A new Variety article is shedding light on the "PR mastermind" behind Caitlyn Jenner's smooth media debut, Alan Nierob.

Nierob, a Hollywood publicity guru and executive at the firm Rogers & Cowan, is the man who advised Caitlyn on how best to introduce herself to the world, and few would argue that he made any missteps in his plan for her.

Variety reports that Nierob landed the gig thanks to some pro bono work he did for the person then known as Bruce Jenner in the mid-'80s, when a New York Times reporter began preparing a piece set to expose Bruce as a crossdresser. Nierob went to bat for Bruce without charging him, denying the story was true and pointing out the devastating effect it would have on Bruce's career and family.

The story went away.

Thirty years later, it was Nierob to whom Bruce loyally turned when he was ready to reveal Caitlyn. The rest is herstory.