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Ann Romney Reveals She’s in Remission, Working to Help Others with MS

Ann Romney Reveals She’s in Remission, Working to Help Others with MS
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After battling multiple sclerosis for seventeen years, Ann Romney is in remission and wants to help others diagnosed with the disease. Ann sat down exclusively with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez to talk about her work to help fight the disease, and creating “The Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases” at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts, saying, “I'm now in a place where I can fight for others.”
Ann’s mission is to find a cure for MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and brain tumors, an initiative she planned to focus on had her husband Mitt won in 2012, but decided to pursue the work on her own. “We now have in development a drug for the first time with ALS… we're hoping it will be able to be given, within a year to two years, to patients for the first time. We're working in the lab right now with a nasal vaccine for Alzheimer's, so things are happening and it's exciting.”
Mrs. Romney also launched the “50 Million Faces” campaign in honor of the 50 million people affected by neurologic diseases around the world. “If you have a family member or anyone that's suffering, you can go to 50 Million Faces and tell your story.”
Ann also shared her desire to help people by telling her personal story in a memoir due this fall. “I hope there's an arc to the story where this is the beginning, and this is where I was, and this is how hard it was, and this is how scared I was, and then how I learned how to deal with some of the things.”
While she has stood by her husband’s side throughout his political career, Mitt confirmed to Mario that he would not run for President ever again.
Mrs. Romney would tell her own kids to hold off on getting into politics too soon. “I would say raise your children first… fame is fleeting, and your time on a stage is not really that important, it's what you do with your time and how you give and how you serve. So don't get distracted by the cameras and the lights, because that's not real.”