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Real or Fake? Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Dennis Quaid's Tirade Video

Real or Fake? Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Dennis Quaid's Tirade Video
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A video of Dennis Quaid throwing an epic tantrum went viral on Monday, but many thought it might be a hoax orchestrated by Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel, a serial prankster, took on the rumors during his late-night show, telling the audience on Tuesday night that he had watched Quaid’s rant video 14 times the prior evening.

“My favorite part was this ‘I can’t even get a line out with Dopey the D**k whispering in my ear.’ For the next eight years, I’m planning to call everyone Dopey the D**k.” He went on to say, “I watched it a bunch of times last night – and when I woke up this morning – I was being blamed for it. There are two dozen articles – and thousands of comments online – suggesting that this is a prank – and I am responsible for it. And I have to say – that’s disappointing. You play like fifty pranks and all of a sudden people don’t trust you anymore.” Kimmel then joked, “Did you ever consider that maybe Dennis was doing voiceover for a new cartoon? That’s right – he’s playing ‘Dennis Duck.’”

Jimmy wasn’t done yet, teasing, “You know, I promised we’d get to the bottom of this Dennis Quaid video controversy. The truth is – the reason Dennis released that video – is to promote his new children’s book. ‘Dopey the D**k.’ I read it to my daughter last night. She loved it.”

When Dennis Quaid was asked about the leaked video at an event on Monday in New York, Us Weekly reported the actor remained mysterious, replying only, "Oh, I'm not gonna talk about that." Our own "Extra's" AJ Calloway bumped into the actor as well. When asked the question if the video was real or fake, Quaid said, "I apologize to everyone involved.”