Cutest. Video. Ever! Mario Lopez’s Daughter Interviews ‘Cinderella’ Stars

Cutest. Video. Ever! Mario Lopez’s Daughter Interviews ‘Cinderella’ Stars

“Extra” host Mario Lopez’s 4-year-old daughter Gia joined him at the L.A. premiere of “Cinderella,” and not only is Gia adorable, she proves she’s highly capable of asking stars all the hard-hitting questions on the red carpet!

Mario and Gia talked to Cate Blanchett, who plays the wicked stepmother in the film. Gia asked, “Why are you so mean to Cinderella?” Blanchett replied, “Well, because she's prettier than I am and some girls are like that… don't be friends with those girls!”

All dressed up in her best princess outfit, Gia followed up with, “Do you really want to be a princess?” The Oscar winner responded, “I am a princess, sweetheart.” Gia quickly said, “Me too!” Cate nodded, “You're a real princess. You're daddy's princess.”

Gia also happily chatted with “Cinderella” herself, Lily James. Gia said, “I like your dress. Did you make it?” James smiled, “I didn't make it. I wish I had. My mice were away so they couldn't help me.”

Gia then asked what we all want to know, “How did you forget your shoe?” The actress said, “It's so stupid, isn't it? Who would do that? I didn't forget them tonight. They're on!”

Disney’s “Cinderella” will enchant audiences March 13!