Charissa Thompson: 10 Things About ‘Extra’s’ New Co-Host

New co-host Charissa Thompson joins host Mario Lopez in kicking off “Extra’s” new season this week… and we’ve asked her 10 questions about herself:

Charissa Thompson: 10 Things About ‘Extra’s’ New Co-Host
1. My fondest childhood memory is: Arguing with my brother, and I once peed in my Halloween costume (a clown) and had to go trick or treating in my pajamas, and when people asked what I was for Halloween… I had to say “in trouble.”

2. My celebrity crush is: Jennifer Aniston. I want to be best friends with her and drink margaritas. Is that creepy?

3. My favorite food is: Sushi… but if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be Australian Strawberry Licorice.

4. My pet peeve is: Fake people.

5. My first job was: Worked at an espresso stand… a barista for those in the BIZZZZZZZ.

6. If I weren’t on television I would be: A childcare specialist, working with sick babies/kids. TV is something I do because I love it, but helping children is my passion.

7. The one person I want to interview is: Grace Kelly… if that was possible, but sadly, it's not. Second choice? Kate Middleton. I love that woman. She keeps it real in that crazy world she lives in. I love her. I also love Julia Roberts. I saw her at the Emmys, and I had a moment where I wanted to run up to her and profess my love, but considering I haven’t even made my debut yet on “Extra,” I didn’t want to already be fired for being a crazy person.

8. I don’t leave the house without: Chapstick. I have a Chapstick obsession. They are all over my car, house… it’s a real problem.

9. My No. 1 beauty tip is: Shower before you go to bed. Anyone that knows me will attest to the fact I shower an obscene amount of times… at least three times a day. Most importantly, at the end of the day, wash your makeup off, a clean face and lots of moisturizer.

10. I’m most scared of: Disappointing my parents.