Leave it to Sarah Silverman to bring pot to the Emmys.

Sarah Silverman Brought Pot to the Emmys, Accepted Award Barefoot
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The comedian's stash was revealed when she offered up her purse to Giuliana Rancic for the E! News clutch cam.

Sarah, who showed off her ample cleavage in a dark green Marni gown, showed Rancic her vaporizer pen, explaining, "This is my pot. Liquid pot.” Watch!

She then pulled out an even smaller clutch, adding, “This is what everything's really supposed to be in. Money, lipstick, a little mirror, my license -- what if I need my license?!"

Silverman went on to win the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special for her standup show “We Are Miracles.”

She struggled to get out of her seat and then ran to the stage in her bare feet.

Highlights from her speech included referring to her “love” Michael Sheen as “Mr. Fancypants Sheen” and channeling Matthew McConaughey with this little nugget of wisdom, "We're just all made of molecules and we're hurtling through space right now."

Anna Kendrick called Silverman out on Twitter, calling the star “HAF” or “high as f**k”!

The actress wrote, “Silverman is Barefoot and #HAF Live your life girl!”