Discovery's newest series, "Highway to Sell," poses an interesting question: If you could get your clunker of a car renovated into a classic ride, would you keep it or would you want to sell it to make a profit?

Exclusive! Take a Look at Discovery's Brand New 'Highway to Sell'
"Highway to Sell" follows automotive expert Dennis Pittsenbarger and his partner in chrome, mechanic mastermind Slick as they scour America for the perfect broken car to fix up.

Once they find the car, Dennis, Slick, and their team spend their own money and time working to restore the automobile to its former glory.

When they're done, the car goes to auction and the owner has a difficult choice to make. Should they buy their beloved ride back at a discounted rate or take a cut of the profits from the auction?

Watch an exclusive preview of the show!

"Highway to Sell" premieres on Monday, September 1 at 10 PM on Discovery.