Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Chrissy Teigen had a blast throwing the first pitch at the L.A. Dodgers game against the California Angels on Tuesday.

Video! Cute Chrissy Teigen Nails First Pitch at L.A. Dodgers Game
Although she tweeted earlier in the day that she was "pretty drunk,” Teigen still threw a decent pitch… watch!

Chrissy was celebrating her father’s birthday during the day, Instagramming a pic of her dad making margaritas, "Dad making birthday margaritas like only dad can!! I love you dad, happy birthday!!!!"

Teigen later tweeted, “Crap I’m pretty drunk” and “My mom is bombed,” before posting a Vine video consulting with Dodgers catcher, Drew Butera.

On Wednesday, Teigen was feeling the effects of the day before by tweeting, “Forget everything you thought you knew about hangovers.”