Who do the A-listers turn to when they need unique, elegant, and sometimes super sexed-up furniture, lighting and accessories? It's Cindy Rocker, the interior designer behind Diva Rocker Glam.

Cindy Rocker: The Designer Who Furnished Steven Tyler's 'Idol' Love Shack
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler put Diva Rocker Glam on the map when he hired the company to furnish his "American Idol" backstage bungalow, aka the Love Shack, with items that he wanted to scream "sex."

Tyler ended up with a room full of faux chinchilla sofas, a crystal chandelier, and a half-naked mannequin wearing a top hat.

"Extra" caught up with Cindy at the Diva Rocker Glam showroom in Hollywood where she showed off her furniture and chatted about other celebs she's worked with.


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