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Forget the Egging, Did You See Justin Bieber and His Bewigged Little Sis!

Bad boy Justin Bieber is being accused of felony egging, but it’s hard to concentrate on the real news when he’s posting such cute pics on Instagram.

For instance, this one of him and his sister Jazmyn aka his “little princess,” who looks adorable in a long red wig. The pic also marks the return of Justin’s dirt ‘stache!
Bieber posted the pic the same night he was accused of egging a neighbor’s house.
That’s right, the Biebs reportedly rolled up to his neighbor’s house with a carton or two of eggs and unleashed.
In an expletive-ridden video obtained by TMZ, the neighbor can be heard yelling, “I see you. I **king see you!”
Someone who sounds a lot like Bieber, responds, “F**k you! I got another one for you, actually.”
The Calabasas resident then asks his 13-year-old daughter to call the police. The attack started around 7:30 PM with a banging noise on the side of the house. When the neighbor went outside to investigate, he claims Bieber took aim at him!
TMZ says the L.A. County Sheriff’s office is treating the incident as a case of misdemeanor vandalism, but the charges could easily become more severe. The neighbor claims the egging caused more than $400 damage, which would be considered a felony.
This isn’t the first time Bieber has had a run-in with his neighbors. Past complaints have been lodge about the “Believe” singer racing through the hood in his Ferrari and loud partying.