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What ‘Freaked’ Natalie Portman and More Marie Claire Quotes

Actress Natalie Portman appears on the November cover of Marie Claire. She describes a time when husband Ben Millipied, a French dancer and choreographer, “freaked” her out. Plus, she shares her thoughts about “Thor” co-star Chris Hemsworth, confrontation, and her fans.

Paris or Bust

“When Ben asked me if I wanted to go to Paris, I freaked. Everyone dreams of living in Paris.”

Ah, Thor…

“Chris Hemsworth is, like, one of the greatest people in Hollywood. He’s the kind of actor who’s so charismatic, he must be tired when he goes home.”

Don’t Cross Her

“I don’t like confrontation, but I’m probably less afraid of it now. I wouldn’t say I’m confrontational. But I say my opinion. I realize how much non-confrontation was about trying to have everyone like me.”


No Drunken Fans, Please

“People are really cool, by and large. I try and stay away from drunk people – that’s when they start getting rude and aggressive, like, ‘Why did you suck in that movie?’”

What Her Parents Did Right

“They made me feel that they would drop anything at any time to help me. I never felt like there was anything more important than me, which I know can probably create an a**hole, too. It gives you a deep sense of security and safety to feel that your parents will love you no matter what.”

Read more of Natalie’s interview at MarieClaire.com, and pick up the issue on newsstands Oct. 22.