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Miley Cyrus Highlights on ‘SNL’: VMAs, Shutdowns and Hannah Montana’s Fate

Singer Miley Cyrus left no twerking stone unturned as host of “Saturday Night Live,” spoofing all her recent antics, including her MTV VMAs performance and the “We Can’t Stop” government shutdown. Miley even declared that her once tween alter ego Hannah Montana has been “murdered.” Check it, yo!

The Cold Opening

In the year 2045, Kenan Thompson is huddled around a fire eating canned beans as he remembers the fateful day 2013 MTV VMAs -- the day that he says "all the troubles began."

Miley’s Monologue

Miley made things two things very clear during her opening speech: She wouldn't do Hannah Montana ("she was murdered") and "I don't apologize to anyone for my VMA performance."

'We Did Stop (the Government)'

“SNL” regular Taran Killam as John Boehner and Miley as Michelle Bachmann do a new, just as raunchy rendition of “We Can’t Stop.” That’s right, they went there.

Twerking on “Girlfriends Talk Show"

Miley stopped by "Girlfriends Talk Show" as Lil Teenie, a brazen rapper with an affinity for "nasty" beats who keeps yelling, "Dueces be acein'."

Miley Performs "Wrecking Ball"