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Jennifer Garner: Much More Than the 'Wife of' Ben Affleck

Actress Jennifer Garner isn’t about to leave her career by the wayside to become the “wife of” Ben Affleck.

In the September issue of Allure, Garner, whose career is in full swing with roles in “The Dallas Buyers Club” and “Draft Day,” opens up about balancing work and family.

“It’s a very conscious decision” to hit up Hollywood events and award shows separately, she said. “Sometimes it’s a pain because my heels are so high and it would be really nice to have his arm. And he’s such a great date! But it can be too much. I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become ‘wife of.’”

When it comes to the kids, which include Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, there are some challenges involved. For example, when she was filming “Dallas Buyers Club,” “My baby [Samuel] was with me. I was trying to pump and trying to nurse. I was trying to be there and be home.” On the set of "Draft," she was more relaxed, but the pull was still there, with Ben texting her about the kids' schedules.

Meanwhile, Garner explained why she and Affleck like to give each other space on the red carpet and why they have no desire to work together. She explained, “People see paparazzi shots of us together all the time. There’s no mystery. People are sick of us.”

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