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Video! O.J. Simpson’s Ex-Girlfriend Says She Feared for Her Life

Christie Prody, who dated O.J. Simpson for 13 years, claims the former football star physically threatened her and abused her emotionally many times during their relationship.
Speaking with “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, Prody, 34, said she tried to leave. "If I did, he would find me. The only place I had to go was to friends of ours. He would come by… threaten, manipulate. I had no choice at that point. I had nowhere to go."

Prody also says she believes O.J. killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in 1994. "It took me many years to realize and face that hard, terrible truth. Things he's mentioned about Nicole, how she had it coming because of her lifestyle and who she hung out with, mainly Ron Goldman, I guess."
Christie described how Simpson always talked about Nicole and wanted her to look like Simpson’s ex-wife. "Just the way I would dress, the way I would wear my hair. Minor things. It was always back about Nicole. He'd always bring her up. It was a nonstop issue with him."
Simpson was acquitted of the murders, but was slapped with a $33.5 million judgment in a wrongful death civil suit.
Simpson’s lawyer released a statement refuting Prody's claims. "The only person to get taken out of the house and handcuffed for domestic violence was Christie Prody. The only person who has been to drug rehab is Christie Prody. The facts are just inconsistent with what Christie is saying.”
Prody replied, "The part where I was taken out of the house in handcuffs was absolutely untrue," Prody said. "I've never been arrested for anything like that. But yes, I was in treatment, I checked myself into treatment after a couple years of being depressed and dealing with my depression in a way through substance abuse."
Simpson is currently serving up to 33 years in a Nevada prison for armed robbery and kidnapping, but is appealing the verdict.