Singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, wants to set the record straight on rumors she may have had work done.

Alexa Ray Joel Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors
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In a Facebook post, Joel addresses recent stories on TMZ and Daily Mail, suggesting she underwent breast enhancement. She wrote, “Aside from getting Rhinoplasty-Surgery a few years ago-- [which I have been blatantly honest and candid about in the past]-- I have not had any further work done. (Not on my face, or anywhere else- for that matter.) I fervently believe that it should be every woman's imperative to love, accept, embrace, and celebrate their exterior-- BUT: the act putting your ‘best self’ forward-- in every sense of the word-- involves work that's rooted from within.”

Alexa continued, “Multiple Plastic Surgeries is NOT something that I support, endorse, encourage, or even remotely participate in. As for the difference in my pictures slated in the articles below: It's simply the stark-visual contrast between effectively-applied makeup [check out Caitlin Monahan on Facebook for a completely natural "cosmetic lift" with only makeup!] and no makeup at all [with puffy eyes- we all get them sometimes- and- hey, that's fine with me].

She ended her defense with “**For more of my thoughts on body-image, tabloid-journalism and how it affects our culture, society's ongoing quest for physical-perfection, and more... stay tuned for an upcoming on-camera discussion @ With Love, Alexa Ray :-)”

The 26-year-old recently attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC.