As super snow storm Nemo descended on the East Coast on Friday, the stars took to their Twitter accounts to sound off.

Celebs Tweet about Winter Storm Nemo

Snooki: "That's right! My ass shoveling the driveway."

Ellen DeGeneres: "I hope everyone stays safe on the East Coast during the blizzard. In other news, #Nemo is trending. That movie really is a classic." 

Justin Bieber: "up real early today for a LONG DAY of rehearsals. and now a blizzard is coming. no issue. Im Canadian"

Brooklyn Decker: "Sleeting in LA, blizzard in NYC... Sheesh.. Get me back to Texas."

Kirstie Alley: "oh lovely blizzard... you make the Dairy Queen version look like child's play..;)"

Shenae Grimes: "Trying to look cute for fashion week while getting whipped in the face with hail is kiiinda tough #whyblizzard?!"

Ashley Greene: "Snow is amazing... When I'm watching it from inside my NYC apartment."

Elizabeth Banks: "Holy storm! Look out East Coast. Beautiful pictures though."

Peter Facinelli: "In NY going to the Nautica Fashion Show. It's Snaining outside.(Snow + Raining) Glad the show is indoors."

Sarah Hyland: "Snow... I love you but if you keep me from getting back to California I will have to take to drastic measures..."

Kristin Chenoweth: "I wonder if Fashion Week will go in with this weather. #imfreezing"