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Gov. Chris Christie on Weight Jokes: You Can’t Have ‘Thin Skin’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie poked fun at his weight, eating a donut as he chatted with David Letterman on Monday.

“Extra” special correspondent Hilaria Baldwin spoke with Gov. Christie and asked him is he’s sensitive to fat jokes.

The politician explained, “If you're going to be thin-skinned about that stuff in this job, then you're not going to last long.”

Christie also talked about his responsibility as a governor, especially in a time of crisis such as Hurricane Sandy. “You know you're hired to do a job, and the job is to represent the people of New Jersey, not just the Republicans or the Democrats but everybody.”

The Governor once again praised President Obama for his prompt response to the Sandy devastation. “I was always raised you show great respect to the President of the United States, whether you voted for him or not. When he came here, he showed great concern for the people of my state, so I said he was doing a good job. I wouldn’t change anything about that time.”

As for running for president, Christie said, “I'm running for re-election, so I'll work on that first, but my job is to finish the job of fixing the state here.”