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Mark Wahlberg: 'Give Lance Armstrong a Break'

Actor Mark Wahlberg says he knows about second chances, and he believes disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong deserves one.

“I'm really proud that he came out to clear the air,” Mark told "Extra's" Maria Menounos. “I'm the guy who needed a second chance. I believe in second chances. Hopefully people will give him a break.”

Mark wasn’t at The Grove just to talk about Armstrong’s interview with Oprah. He has plenty going on in his own life, including a new movie opening wide today, “Broken City.”
Wahlberg and his former assistant, Randall Emmett, co-produced the action flick about an ex-cop (Whalberg) who takes on a corrupted mayor (Russell Crowe).
He’s also co-starring in “Pain and Gain” with Dwayne Johnson and launched his own “Marked” GNC supplement line in September.
Watch the interview for more with the wicked cool star and see him take our rapid-fire Boston quiz.