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Jenni Rivera’s Remains Identified, Family Plans Funeral

Singer Jenni Rivera’s remains have been identified and her family is now making memorial and funeral arrangements.

The musician was killed on Sunday when her plane crashed in a mountainous area in Mexico.

Rivera’s remains, and those of her publicist and the plane’s co-pilot, have been identified, according to CNN.

The family was holding out hope that Jenni was still alive, but is now planning her funeral. A funeral home in Monterrey tells CNN that her remains will be cremated and placed in a red urn. Nothing is set, but family friends indicated that they will likely have a memorial for Rivera in Mexico, and her final resting place will be in Los Angeles.

New reports also reveal that Jenni changed her flight plans at the last minute. Jesus Arraeola, the concert promoter who hired her to sing in Monterrey on Saturday, had expected her to stay the night.

He told Mexico’s Conexion Total website, “We spoke to her (Jenni Rivera) and her representative (Mario Macías) at 2:30 AM. During that call was when they informed us that she had changed her plans and that they would be flying out right away to Toluca.”

According to Arreola, Rivera needed to be in Mexico City for an appearance on the singing show “La Voz Mexico 2.” “We had four tables in the VIP area and we had her disguise ready for her so no one would recognize her,” said the promoter of the arrangements he had made for her in Monterey. “We also had reserved a hotel for her.”