On the Set of 'Modern Family' with Ty Burrell and Matthew Broderick

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli went behind the scenes of the upcoming “Modern Family” episode with Ty Burrell and guest star Matthew Broderick.
In the episode airing Wednesday, Claire (Julie Bowen) takes Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and Luke (Nolan Gould) to Alex's (Ariel Winter) academic decathlon for the weekend, while Phil (Burrell) attempts to throw together a boys’ night at the house, inviting a fellow Bulldog alum (Broderick) he just met, who is gay.

Broderick said about his character, "I just play a friend [Burrell] meets at the gym and then there's a misunderstanding when we get to his house.”

Burrell explained, “He thinks he's coming over for a date, and I'm having him over to watch a game.”
Tune in to watch the episode when “Modern Family” airs Wednesday at 8:00 PM on ABC!