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Gerard Butler’s Brush with Death on the ‘Chasing Mavericks’ Set

Actor Gerard Butler is lucky to be alive! The “Chasing Mavericks” star revealed to “Extra” that he nearly died while making the surfing movie. It happened when a set of waves pulled him underwater, dragging him over deadly reefs.

“It went from that stage of, ‘this is scary’ to ‘wait a minute…this is getting to be too much’ and then you start going ‘this might be it,’” Butler told Jerry Penacoli.

When Gerard finally came up from the waves, his colleagues couldn’t reach him and he went back down again. He explained, “What happened to me – maybe it's because I got through it – was an incredible experience. And will remain with me forever. It was very profound.”

Catch “Chasing Mavericks,” in theaters on Oct. 26.