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Ben Affleck on 'Argo': George Clooney Had My Back

Director and actor Ben Affleck was in good company at the “Argo” premiere with his producer and friend George Clooney.

The Hollywood A-listers teamed up for the political thriller, and Ben “highly recommends” working with his fellow Oscar winner.

Affleck told “Extra’s” Ben Lyons, “I highly recommend working with George Clooney if you get the chance… being a filmmaker, having guys that have made movies, great movies, say, ‘Hey, we want to protect you’ -- that means the world to me.”
Affleck also got a little political, sharing his personal thoughts on the presidential debate. “I thought Mitt Romney was finished. I think now maybe he can make a run, but I think Obama's still got some fight left in him… the next two debates are going to be a lot of fun.”

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