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Justin Bieber Unveils New Tattoo

Teen sensation Justin Bieber unveiled his latest tattoo on Friday with a shirtless photo on Twitter.

"Its (sic) a crown if you couldn't tell," he wrote of the design on the right side of his chest.
The image, showing the Biebs on a faux fur blanket, had the “Believe” singer poking fun at himself.
"I’m thinking to myself 'wow really justin 3 shirtless pics in 3 days' who do i think i am a young @Mark_Wahlberg sheesh lol,” he joked.

Photo: Justin Bieber. Credit: Photobucket.
Justin got his first tat when he was just 16 -- the outline of a seagull on his lower abdomen. Bieber and his dad also have matching star tats and the name Yeshua (the Hebrew word for Jesus).