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Oprah on Maria Shriver Joining OWN: "She Does Not Want to Come Work for Me"

In Part 2 of "Extra's" exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, she denied rumors that her close friend Maria Shriver may be doing a new show on OWN.

"That is not true," Oprah told "Extra" correspondent AJ Calloway. "Maria Shriver is getting herself, her life, her family -- she's pulling that all together for herself. She's doing just fine. She does not want to come work for me."

Oprah also addressed another rumor that says she was good friends with Whitney Houston. Winfrey explained, "We had a relationship that you saw on television, and I would send her presents or acknowledge her birthday and that kind of thing, but I'm not one of those people claiming to be a friend of Whitney Houston."

Tune in to "Extra" on Friday to find out what Oprah has planned for her network!