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Kate Upton's Too Hot for TV Ad -- Why MTV Won't Air It!

Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton is in a new campaign for NYC skate brand Zoo York, which was rejected by MTV and the Adult Swim Network due to an image of Kate's "erect nipple" and for "bleeped profanity."

The racy commercial features the curvy model chatting with two cockroaches, and is set to debut in early April on cable networks and online.

Check out the video!

The Extra List: 7 Facts about Model Kate Upton

Age Factor

Kate is 19 years old. She'll turn 20 June 10.

A Nun?

Upton is playing a nun in the upcoming "Three Stooges." Watch the trailer!

The Sports Connection

Upton is reportedly dating NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

She Can Dance!

Check out the lovely Upton doing the Dougie.

Washington Ties

Kate's uncle is Michigan Congressman Fred Upton.

Horse Lover

Upton was a championship equestrienne in the American Paint Horse Association.

Clothing Optional

Kate likes to cut her clothes off... at least in this Esquire magazine [http://www.esquire.com/the-side/qa/kate-upton-photos-2012#slide-1] shoot. Take a look!