'Bachelor' Finale: Who Did Ben Pick?

It's the moment "Bachelor" fans everywhere have been waiting for! Who did Ben pick, and did he propose?


The final two ladies of season 16 were Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson, who were introduced to Ben's mom and sister in Switzerland. Ben's sister, Julia, tells the cameras she thinks Lindzi would be a good fit for her brother. Julia says it's a "red flag" if the season's mean girl, Courtney, can't get along with other women.

Regardless of what his sister said, Ben decided to go with his heart, and he picked... Courtney! Getting down on one knee, Ben popped the question, and Courtney let out a little gasp, as Ben proclaimed, "I've been waiting a really long time to tell you I'm in love with you. Courtney, will you marry me?"


As Ben slipped the giant rock on her finger, Courtney squealed, "Of course I will! I love you so much! I love it. I will love you forever."

And they lived happily ever after... or not?