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Brad and Angie on Their Oscar Date Night: 'We're Kind of Old School'

As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made their grand entrance to the 2012 Academy Awards, "Extra" host Mario Lopez talked with them on the red carpet about their evening plans after the show.

"I don't know," said Jolie. "We're with Brad's mom and dad, and we're just going to go out to dinner. We're kind of old school, just going to hang out and have a glass of wine and see how it goes."

Brad jokingly added, "I'm going to take my folks out and get them hammered."

As for the Brangelina brood, Angelina explained the kids really have no idea what their parents were doing Sunday night. "We get ready somewhere else, so they don't really know. They just think we're at work and hope they don't turn on the television."

Mario asked who was the bigger disciplinarian, Jolie or Pitt? The actor replied, "The girls can do no wrong. I'm the disciplinarian with the boys. And then [Angelina] handles the girls. They do no wrong, 'Whatever you need honey, you're absolutely right.'"