Daniel Radcliffe is leaving his "Harry Potter" days behind him, and turning up the spooky factor for his next role in "The Woman in Black."

The actor arrived to a massive crowd of fans at The Grove to chat with "Extra's" Mario Lopez, and talked about the film. "I play a young lawyer called Arthur Kipps, who is sent away to organize the paperwork of a recently deceased woman. Once I get to the house, all hell breaks loose and I am tormented by the ghost of an angry, vengeful woman."

Daniel, 22, hinted at the possibility of reprising his role as the famous young wizard. "If she [J.K. Rowling] writes a book, then we'll talk, but until then, I have no reason to suspect that any more are going to come."


Radcliffe addressed his nude scenes in the stage production of "Equus," saying, "It just seems to keep happening. I don't think these things out, but if there's nudity in the part, it doesn't really bother me."

Watch the video to see Radcliffe's real-life magic skills, and some lucky fans get to ask their burning questions -- including one from a woman who asked, "Will you marry me?"