A special issue of OK! magazine celebrates 25 of the sexiest stars in Hollywood -- and "Extra" has picked some of their favorites.

The Extra List: Hollywood's Hottest Bodies from OK! Mag

'Guy Who Should Never Wear a Shirt Again'

Hugh Jackman

'Hottest Hubby and Wife'

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

'Most Ab-Tastic'

Zac Efron

'Sexiest Sweethearts'

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

'Most Athletic A-Lister'

Cameron Diaz

'Hottest Songbird'


'Flirtiest Fashionista'

Blake Lively

'Buffest Werewolf'

"True Blood" star Joe Maganiello

'Fittest Figure'

Jessica Biel

Hollywood's Hottest Diets

No. 11 goes to "Extra's" own Mario Lopez, whose book "Extra Lean" gives you recipes and tips on how to make your body a continuous fat-burning machine!