Mario Lopez Shares Favorite Childhood Recipe for a Cause

Nick Katsoris, author of the award-winning children's book series featuring Loukoumi the fluffy lamb, has gathered the favorite childhood recipes of more than 50 celebrities, including "Extra's" own Mario Lopez and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, in his delightfully illustrated new cookbook for children and their families, "Loukoumi's Celebrity Cookbook."


A minimum of $2 from the sale of each book will be donated to Chefs for Humanity and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Here are Mario and Ellen's recipes!

Favorite Celebrity Childhood Recipes

Mario Lopez's Chicken Enchiladas

"I really love this Chicken Enchilada recipe. Delicious, healthy style Mexican food is my favorite! Plus, it's quick and easy to make." - Mario LopezIngredients:6 corn tortillas2 tsp olive oil½ cup diced bell pepper½ cup diced onion½ tsp salt½ tsp dried oregano6 oz cooked chicken breast, shredded2 Tbsp canned green chilies1 cup mild salsa, divided2 cups baby spinach½ cup low fat shredded cheese (cheddar or Monterey Jack recommended)Chopped scallionsHot sauce (optional)Nonstick cooking sprayInstructions:Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.Wrap tortillas in aluminum foil and place in the oven to warmHeat oil in a large skillet over medium heat; add onions and peppers. Season with salt and oregano and sauté for 5 minutes.Add chicken, green chilies, ½ cup salsa, and spinach and cook until spinach is wilted.Remove tortillas from the oven and spray a 9×9 inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.Place ¼ cup of chicken mixture in tortilla, roll up and transfer to baking dish; repeat with remaining tortillas.Top tortillas with remaining salsa and cheese and back for 10 minutes until cheese is melted. Garnish with chopped scallions and serve with hot sauce, if desired.

Ellen DeGeneres' Vegan Sliders

"I love this recipe because it's a compassionate way to eat and the sliders taste even better than ones made with beef. And they're half the size of a regular burger so you can eat like 12 of them." - Ellen DeGeneresIngredients:1 Firm Avocado½ Head of Iceberg Lettuce1 Small Jar Dill Pickle Slices3 Thinly Sliced Roma Tomatoes¼ Red Onion Very Thinly Sliced6 Slices Tempeh Bacon (optional)12 Vegan Veggie Patties½ tsp. EVOO1 Bottle Vegan Thousand Island dressing (follow your Heart brand)12ea 3" Wheat Buns or Wheat Dinner RollsInstructions:Pre-heat oven to 350º.Defrost veggie patties according to package. Meanwhile prep everything you need to assemble the sliders.Cut Avocado in quarters and discard the skins and pit. Cut each avocado quarter into 6 thin slices then gently fan them out onto a plate and reserve.Cut 12 uniform pieces of iceberg lettuce about 3" in diameter. Place them on a plate and reserve.Remove about 24 pickle slices from the jar and using a paper towel, gently squeeze them dry.Using a sharp serrated knife Slice the tomatoes into thin circles. Each tomato should easily yield 8 slices minimum. Lay out each slice onto a paper towel to remove excess moister.Slice the red onion as thinly as possible and reserve.Cut each piece of bacon in half and bake them on an un-greased cookie sheet at 350º until they are hot and crisp.Using a cookie cutter or a small glass cup cut out 2.5" to 3" patties from the defrosted veggie Patties. Reserve the trimmings for another use.Cook all the Patties in a hot pan with the EVOO.Reserve the patties warm. At the same time; toast each bun in a dry hot pan or with a small amount of vegan butter.Assembly:Lay out 6 buns open face, and spread a small amount of 1000 island on each side. Place Patties on the bottom. Then 2 slices of Tempe bacon, 2 slices of pickles, 2 slices of tomato, a few slices of onion, 2 pieces of avocado, and one piece of iceberg lettuce followed by the top bun.Repeat the process with the remaining 6 buns and place the sliders on a platter and serve.