Video! Zooms Away in T.H.E. with J.Lo and Jagger

Black Eyed Peas member runs, bikes, speeds and flies through space for his latest empowerment anthem. "T.H.E." ("The Hardest Ever"), featuring a sensual Jennifer Lopez in a skin-tight, body-baring outfit and Mick Jagger showing off his moves.

"Extra" caught up with the high-flying behind the scenes of the video, where the singer explained, "On the song is J.Lo -- I was trying to look for the perfect female that represents endurance, strength, confidence. J.Lo was the perfect spokesperson for the title."

A psychedelic Mick Jagger danced in space, and recalled just how he got the famous Rolling Stones frontman to join in on the video. "I called him on the phone and he wanted to do it."

Watch the behind-the-scenes video!

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