Robin Williams Has 'Happy Feet'

In the spirit of his new movie, "Happy Feet Two," Robin Williams has a big reason to be chipper!

The actor recently married graphic designer Susan Schneider, and beamed, "I have happy feet and even happy pants... let's leave it at that in case there are kids watching."

Williams, 60, co-stars in the animated penguin film with sexy "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara, and said of Sofia, "She walks in the room and the movie becomes 3D. She's so beautiful and so funny... it's a gift. And to record with her was great, 'cause it's not hard to have a love story when she's right there... I don't have to imagine."

Robin, who weighed in on Kim Kardashian's recent divorce news, talked about the number of days she was married, saying, "Seventy-two... does she come with an expiration date?" He added, "I vaguely know who she is because I saw a magazine cover. Wow, booty!"

See what else the comedian had to say about the reality star, and his hilarious Rapid-Fire Quiz Challenge!

Watch the video and be sure to shuffle into theaters for "Happy Feet Two," beginning Nov. 18.