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Jackson Death Trial Update: Former Patients Praise the Doctor

Conrad Murray, on trial for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, was moved to tears Wednesday as five of his former patients gave testimony the cardiologist was capable, caring and anything but greedy.

The defense summoned the five to testify to the Murray's good character in his Houston and Las Vegas medical practice. Read more of their testimony at USA Today.com.

Watch the doctor's reaction.

The prosecution cross-examined the defense witnesses, attempting to show they were biased and that Murray's care of Jackson was far lower in quality than how he treated them.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor told Murray that before the defense rests its case, he will formally advise him of his "absolute constitutional right" to testify or not testify, despite what counsel may be advising.

The jurors may be excused to deliberate on a verdict by early next week, after any prosecution rebuttal witnesses and closing arguments by the attorneys.