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Mario Talks Sex, Bacon and Catholic School with Lady Gaga

"Extra" host Mario Lopez was jazzed to meet Lady Gaga for the first time, and the two chatted about body image, their love of bacon... and how they both went to Catholic school.

Perhaps inspired by the meat dress she wore at last year's VMAs, Lady Gaga said, "I've been eating a lot of bacon lately. And not really working out, so I think that the best thing you can do for your body is be happy."

Gaga also recalled her days at a strict Catholic school, wearing uniforms, and Mario said he had the same experience. She replied, "See, they sort of breed artists. I think because we feel so confined in where we are, and you just want to break free."

Mario remembered when there was free-dress day, and the Lady laughed. "Oh those were the best! I'd wear like little '90s crop tops and my hair would be all slutty. The girls would be like, 'Why are you dressed like that? There are no boys at this school!'"

Lopez told Gaga she looked sexy now, and in good shape. The singer winked, "What does that have to do with sex, Mario?!"

The two also talked about Lady Gaga's MAC Viva Glam campaign, which raises money for AIDS research. "Since I've been involved, we've raised $55 million," Gaga said.

With everything she has going on, does it throw a monkey wrench in the Mama Monster's social life? She quipped, "A monkey wrench? No. Maybe a giraffe wrench!"

Next up for Lady Gaga is performing with Bono and the Edge and Usher at a special concert celebrating the 10th anniversary of former President Clinton's Global Initiative. Yahoo will stream the concert live on October 15 from L.A.'s Hollywood Bowl. It will feature highlights and interviews with artists and other guests during and after the event.