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Celebrities Tweet Up A Storm About Hurricane Irene

As Hurricane Irene continues to move up the East Coast region, celebs have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts about the massive natural disaster.


Singer Lady Gaga and native New Yorker tweeted, "Thinking of NY during this hurricane, You and I are forever. Strongest place I know. Home."

Actress and NYC born, Lindsay Lohan, also weighed in on the hurricane situation, writing, "Everyone please say a prayer for those in NY at this current time... my 2 brothers, grandmother, as well as friends are all in NY- god bless."

"Dancing With the Stars" alum Kirstie Alley added her two sense as well, ranting, "Irene is such a bitc*..."

Anderson Cooper, Denise Richards, Alec Baldwin, Snooki, Dianna Agron and more entertainers are continuing to tweet about Hurricane Irene.

The MTA in New York implemented a system-wide shutdown beginning Saturday at noon due to Hurricane Irene.