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Kirstie Alley Responds to Letterman's Earthquake Joke

"The Late Show" host David Letterman did it again, poking fun at Kirstie Alley's waistline.

A svelte Alley appeared on Letterman's show in July and busted him for all the fat jokes he aimed at her while she was on "Dancing with the Stars" - and now that she has slimmed down considerably, one would think that was the end of it, right? Wrong.

In his Top 10 List Wednesday night, Letterman focused on the 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia this week, and Alley unfortunately made the top spot as the most overheard comment during the East Coast earthquake.

Find out what Dave said!

Kirstie took it all in stride, posting this on her Twitter account, "DAVID LETTERMAN: I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART....LOL....guess I have to revisit you in September...u must really miss me....xooxxo"