Sneak Peek! Kate Gosselin's Cupcake Manhunt

Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin and her brood prepare for another season of "Kate Plus 8" -- and in this preview, Gosselin tries to pick up a guy at the famous D.C. Cupcakes in Washington D.C.


In an interview with "Extra" special correspondent Steve Santagati, Gosselin explained she isn't opposed to dating. "I'm open to it," but added she really doesn't have much time to do it at the moment.

When asked what kind of man she's attracted to, the single mom said she doesn't want someone too tall ("I don't like tall guys, don't want a crick in my neck") or too young ("I have enough kids").

As for getting married again, Gosselin responded, "If I found somebody I was convinced was 'it,' then yes, probably."

What does she think about the rumors her ex, Jon, is getting remarried. "I don't really have anything to do with that or have any concern," but she added their relationship is working much better now. "He's working and he's taking the kids every other weekend on a set schedule, so I think now more than ever it's calmer and maybe better."

"Kate Plus 8" premieres Monday at 9:00 PM on TLC.