Barry Manilow on Spears, Gaga and His Dream Collaboration

Singer/songwriter Barry Manilow, who is releasing a new album "15 Minutes," appeared at The Grove for a special performance, where he talked with "Extra" host Mario Lopez about everything from Britney Spears and Lady Gaga to the one guy he'd love to work with... Sting!

Manilow said his new album, "15 Minutes," is about fame -- and his inspiration was Britney Spears. "When the paparazzi were driving Britney Spears crazy, and they were surrounding her and we all looked at it in horror watching this girl try to live a life and they wouldn't let her -- is that the price of fame today?"

The multi-platinum crooner also had said he admires Lady Gaga. "She crosses all styles of music. I think I was the first one to discover her on my block. She's just fantastic."

What other music does Manilow like? "I am listening to Electronica. I know it's crazy, right?" he laughed. "I usually head towards wherever they're playing underground or basement tracks."

Check out Manilow's performances at The Grove!

The one guy Manilow is dying to collaborate with is Sting. "My favorite guy is Sting. My favorite composer, performer, producer is Sting. If I had one guy to choose he would be the one."

And for that odd rumor he and actress Suzanne Somers are planning each other's funerals, Manilow explained, "We both went to a funeral that was produced very badly. And we decided whoever goes first, the other produces their funeral. We gave each other the music we wanted. Isn't that the weirdest thing you've heard?"

"15 Minutes" will be available in stores June 14.