Kate Walsh Talks about Her 'Boyfriend' at The Grove

A sweet-smelling Kate Walsh stepped into The Grove Wednesday to chat with Mario Lopez. The "Private Practice" star recently launched a fragrance line for women, called Boyfriend. Mario leaned in to get a whiff from Kate's neck and gave his approval with an "Ooh!"

Kate revealed the inspiration behind Boyfriend. "I had this idea a long time ago 'cause I missed... you know, my boyfriend that I had broken up with years ago -- I missed his fragrance. I missed his scent, so I thought what if I had a boyfriend-in-a-bottle... wouldn't that be cool? So I made it myself and it's a combination of masculine and feminine; it's a guy's scent on a girl's skin. That's the whole concept."

When Mario asked if the actress had a real boyfriend, Kate shied away and said, "We're gonna leave that for off-camera." On camera, Kate may be getting a new love interest on "Private Practice," hottie Benjamin Bratt.

"He was on the last episode and he's gonna be joining us next season," Walsh revealed.

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