Nick Cannon Sets Record Straight on Drinking Rumor

New dad Nick Cannon stopped by The Grove and talked with "Extra's" Mario Lopez about the wild rumor Child Protective Services were called in because his wife, Mariah Carey, had been abusing alcohol while breastfeeding their baby twins.

"Aw man, it was a little crazy," said Cannon. "It just shows you what people will do to conjure up a story or try and a get picture. We don't know exactly who called, saying that my wife was drinking alcohol. One of the nurses told my wife that to make the breast milk come out, drink a little dark Guinness -- and it actually happened! So I guess that's where the story came from."

Cannon continued, "The Child Protective Services agent came to me in the hospital in the hallway. They were like, 'This is ridiculous. Clearly, you guys are loving parents.' It's sad the length that people will go."

How did he and Mariah come up with the twins' names, Moroccan and Monroe? "We had these names for years. We always said if it was going to be a girl you can name it, if it was a boy I could name it. That was the deal. She always wanted to have a little girl named Marilyn; she loves Marilyn Monroe. Moroccan was for the boy. It was kind of both of our names kind of together, and I proposed to my wife in our Moroccan room in the New York house. So it had a little symbolism. And I always like the name Roc Cannon, like Nick Cannon. So I got the Roc and Roe."

Cannon's comedy special is airing on Showtime this weekend. "You know how excited I was when we were about to film it a few weeks back. Now that it's actually airing and right now with my kids being here, it's beautiful. It's probably the happiest I've ever been in my life."

"Mr. Showbiz" airs Saturday at 9:00 PM on Showtime.