'DWTS' Sees Another Dance Off the Stage

"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Romeo was voted off in this week's competition.

The singer/actor and his partner Chelsie Hightower performed both a Tango and an instant dance, to mostly favorable praise from the judges, scoring a total of 52 points and placing second to last. Watch their Tango!

"I'm surprised because I did my best dances, but at the same time I'm not surprised," Romeo said after learning his fate. "This show has changed my life forever. I didn't dance at my own prom. I've turned down a lot of movies because I was afraid to dance."

He also expressed his gratitude to his partner Hightower, telling her, "I wanted to do this for you. We can dance after this." She responded, "I'm super happy and so proud of you."

The remaining four dancing duos will move into the "DWTS" semi-finals next week.