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Video: Kirstie Alley's Second Mishap on 'Dancing'

Last week Kirstie Alley and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy tumbled to the floor after Maks' thigh gave out. This week they suffered another dancing mishap when Alley's left shoe fell off during a spin with Maks.

Attempting to recover, Maks went off across the floor to do a bit of solo dancing while Kirstie frantically tried to remedy her shoe situation while sitting on the floor. Oh well, that's shoe biz!

"Extra" caught up with Kirstie and Maks backstage. "The shoes came off with the ankle strap still connected," the actress explained. Maks added, "It's a lot of technicalities!"

Alley added, "There are things going on that are out of our control. I honestly feel like we're dancing in the 'Matrix' and I have got to take the blue pill and get out!"

Just like last week, the two were able to recover and ended up scoring 22 points from the judges. Carrie Ann Inaba said, "You didn't miss a beat." Len Goodman was not as impressed and told the pair they needed to "improve."

After the performance, Kirstie joked, "I think the judges are the nicest people I've ever met in my life. The second week in a row? I would go, 'B*tch, you're f**king out!'"

The top dancers of the night were Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas, earning 26 points with a graceful Viennese waltz.