Dr. Drew Gets Up Close and Personal in His New Show

"Extra's" Renee Bargh sat with Dr. Drew Pinsky on the set of his new primetime show for HLN called, "The Dr. Drew Show." Renee and Drew sat on the chairs on stage and he leaned in and said, "This is one of our interview spots where I'll be able to get close and personal with people and really get into it a little bit. See how uncomfortable it is?"

The doctor went on to explain the concept of the show to Bargh. "We're going to focus on the people at the core of the story of the day, and try to dissect why they do what they do."

Dr. Drew Recalls Lindsay Lohan's "Extra" Interview

Dr. Drew defended troubled star Lindsay Lohan, giving her the benefit of the doubt when she fell down in front a Manhattan bar. Lohan denied she was drunk when she stumbled and said it was a "joke." "Maybe she just tripped. People need to leave Lindsay alone right now. Believe it or not, she seems to be in the program," Pinsky explained.

Charlie Sheen was also on the doctor's radar. "My eye tells me he's on the back side of a manic episode and probably on some medication. And my fear is the kind of medicine that doctors sometimes put those patients on, makes their addictions worse, so we'll see how this plays out," Drew revealed.

The doctor is in... Monday on HLN at 9:00 PM.