Eva Longoria's Birthday Bash: 'I'm Not the First One to Go Through a Divorce'

Mario Lopez joined pal Eva Longoria at her birthday party in Las Vegas this past weekend.

The actress capped off a week of festivities with dinner at her restaurant, Beso, where she wore a sparkling white cocktail dress. That was followed by dancing at Eve Nightclub. While chatting it up with Lopez, Longoria reminded him, "I had a 1920s theme party that you didn't come to 'cause you were here in Vegas." Mario replied, "I was working! I wasn't here partying!"

Eva added, "This is why I have to have multiple parties to make sure everybody comes to everything. Tuesday was my entire family and we went to Disneyland. Now we're here in Vegas for like, my crazy friends." Mario questioned, "Oh, so that's me?!"

The "Desperate Housewives" star cuddled up with new beau Eduardo Cruz and opened up about her divorce from Tony Parker. "I'm not the first person to go through a divorce... people go through it every day and they come through it on the other side, and if you don't participate in life it will pass you by, and so that's what I choose to do... participate in what's coming my way."

Eva boldly told Mario, "I don't have any regrets in my life in anything I do."