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Kelly Ripa on Regis: 'We Hope He Will Have a Change of Heart'

From one host to another, Kelly Ripa exclaimed, "Hey Mario, it's your friend Kelly Ripa, and this is the world according to me!"

Ripa's co-host Regis Philbin had postponed his retirement to November, but does she think he might cancel it all together? "He made up his mind a long time ago. But we always hope for the Hail Mary at the last minute, the change of heart," Kelly admitted.

When asked about Charlie Sheen, the "Live" host said, "In all seriousness, I hope that he works it out for himself... because those kids need a great dad."

Ripa confessed she is enjoying the cast of this season's "Celebrity Apprentice." "I like the cast of characters. And I would like it to be this cast every year, year after year."

Speaking of her pal Donald Trump, Ripa expressed her support in his possible run for presidency and claimed a brand new position will open up just for her. "We've already discussed it. I'm gonna be the Secretary in Charge of Entertainment," she laughed.

Kelly also talked about teaming up with Electrolux Appliances to find a cure for ovarian cancer. "Electolux is helping raise $750,000 for ovarian cancer research fund. We had a little tea party with a bunch of little girls."

Learn Why This Cause is Important to Kelly

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