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John Travolta on Being a Dad Again: 'It's Easier'

"Extra" caught up with John Travolta on his first night out since the birth of his son, Benjamin. The 56-year-old star and spokesperson for luxury watchmaker Breitling, was in New York City for the grand opening of their flagship store.

Papa Travolta expressed his happiness over his new bundle of joy. "We've been trying for a long time to have another baby, it's been 10 years since I've had an infant in my hands. I'm pretty excited, jazzed."

Little Benjamin has already taken his first plane ride with his pilot daddy! "Yeah he's flown from Florida to Maine, he's had his first air trip with me as a pilot and he came into the cockpit, we got pictures of that."

When asked if fathering a newborn for the third time is comparable to remembering how to ride a bike, he said, "It comes back, but it's easier, because you don't have the worries that you do when you're a new father, so by the third, you're ready to have six."