Lifechangers: Ways to Improve Your Neck

There are few cosmetic issues more vexing than the aging neck. "Extra" Lifechangers doctors give us helpful tips to combat this... figurative pain in the neck.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Trevor Born says that a little lipo can help a fat neck. "Liposuction in the neck is a procedure where we actually remove fat from underneath the skin, so that we can provide a nice shape to the chin and jaw line."

Beverly Hills Dr. Michael Churukian's remedy for the saggy neck is to tighten muscles and skin with a lift. "We're going to have to make an incision right under the chin. There is a muscle we find in the neck that extends into the lower part of the face... so you don't get a pulled look."

And finally for those troublesome lines and creases, Dr. Randal Hayworth recommends a filler injection like Juvederm. "It's not going to make a saggy neck into a tight neck, but it will get rid of those transverse lines," Dr. Hayworth said.


For more information on what creams work best, check out La Praire's anti-aging neck cream!