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Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban 'Saved My Life'

Nicole Kidman is already creating Oscar buzz for her starring role in the new film, "The Rabbit Hole" -- and she talked to "Extra's" Renee Bargh about it, and gushed about her husband Keith Urban.

In "The Rabbit Hole," Kidman plays a mother destroyed by the loss of her son, and fighting to save her marriage. Opening up about her real-life marriage to her country superstar husband, the actress said that even though he credits her for saving his life as he battled alcohol addiction, she told Bargh that Urban saved her life as well.

"I get embarrassed and I get, uh, awkward about that sort of stuff," she said while talking about her husband. "We have such a strong, deep bond and love. So yeah, we fused over something very difficult and we came together instead of ran away."

Nicole and Keith have one child together, Sunday Rose, 2, who Kidman says is following in her father's footsteps.

"She has far more of a sense of what her dad does," said the actress. "Her inclination is very much to sing, and we bought her a little guitar and she walks around the house with it."

Catch Nicole Kidman in "The Rabbit Hole" when it jumps into theaters December 17.

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