Lifechangers: Nurse Jamie Road Tests Shave Oils

In this special edition for men, "Extra" Lifechanger Nurse Jamie Sherrill tests one of the best kept secrets in men's grooming habits -- shave oils.

Nurse Jamie explains, "Oils are better products because they have more direct contact with the skin, causing less traction as the razor scrapes over the face. The oils have more moisturizing effects, and they are usually made without all those potentially toxic chemical ingredients found in a lot of soaps and foams."

"Most importantly, guys can see exactly where they are shaving," she continues. "It's great for men who wear a stylized beard or mustache, and for men who shave their heads completely because shave oils allow them a closer shave as well as conditioning the scalp, helping to prevent dryness and flaking."

Nurse Jamie takes a look at REN Tamanu High Glide Shaving Oil, Pacific Shave Oil, and a great budget trick!