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Video! Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift Go for Fast Ride

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and superstar GF Taylor Swift were spotted taking a drive together in Beverly Hills -- and reportedly called police when paparazzi got too close.

X17Online.com reports the LAPD not only dispatched cops on the ground, but also launched a helicopter to help escort the couple to safety!

An x17Online photog who was there taking pics said, "I don't know why Jake was in such a bad mood. We saw him and Taylor in the car and when we tried to see where they would park to get out, Jake went crazy. It's like he didn't want anyone to get a shot of him and Taylor together. I mean if he's going to do set-up shots with the paps like he did last week, what's the difference?!"

Oddly, LAPD and BHPD told "Extra" they did not receive any reports, nor did they respond to any calls regarding the matter.

Watch video of Jake and Taylor!